Beds and pressure mattresses

An average-bodied person spends around a third of their life sleeping, but people with impaired mobility may spend much more of their time in bed.

That’s why it’s really important that your bed is just right for you, and that you sleep on a mattress designed to support your body correctly.

Byw Bywyd can help you to find the bed, and/or pressure mattress, that’s best suited to your needs.

Our occupational therapist will visit you at home to assess your needs, and will recommend the bed and/or mattress that are best suited to you.

We may recommend any of the following:

  • A pressure mattress, to evenly distribute your weight and help avoid pressure sores
  • An adjustable bed, enabling you to sit up comfortably as well as get a good night’s sleep
  • A low bed, if you’re at risk of falling out of bed while you sleep
  • A double bed with both sides independently adjustable – so you can lie down while your partner sits up, or vice versa.

We carry a range of beds and mattresses in our showroom, so you’ll be able to try them out before buying.

If you’d like to arrange a home assessment by our occupational therapist, or if you’d like an appointment to visit the showroom and see some examples of the products we can supply, please contact us on (email) or (phone).